Message of Greetings


Kazuo Aichi

Chairman of International Friendship Foundation

The world today is entering an extraordinary age with many changes in history and the building of a new world order of peace is becoming the paramount task in international society.

In this situation the contributions expected of Japan by the world are many and diverse and their importance is growing year by year. As its name implies, the International Friendship Foundation aims for growth in mutual understanding and the development of friendly relations between Japan and the nations of the world through international goodwill and we have been striving to promote international exchange projects.

The world is now beset with a multitude of problems which must be tackled, the foremost of which are the global environmental issues.It seems that adequate mutual understanding and friendly goodwill between nations are preconditions to the establishment of a system of international cooperation aimed at solving these problems.

Now, when a new international order is demanded for the 21st century, we wish to bear one end of Japan's weighty international responsibility to build a bridge for goodwill between nations.

We hope that in the future the activities of this foundation, starting with the "Japan Week" will continue to enjoy your support and cooperation.