Japan Week

Outline of Japan Week

Japan Week is an international cultural exchange program at the grass roots level that, together with introducing Japan through its life culture, accomplishments, art, music, fashion, sports and economics, attempts to achieve mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill through the participation of sponsoring local residents.
One of the major characteristics of Japan Week is that the performances, exhibits and demonstrations held at the sites do not simply end with a one-way introduction of the subject at hand, but rather encourage the participation of local residents sponsoring the event. To this end, Japan Week emphasizes efforts to create programs in the form of workshops, and so on that realize exchange at the personal level.

Objectives of Japan Week

  1. Promotion of mutual understanding and friendship with host countries
  2. Promotion of Japanese art and culture, also the introduction of a broad range of subjects relating to Japanese art and culture
  3. Development of an international awareness and understanding among the Japanese people
  4. Promotion of vitalization and internationalization of regional societies
  5. Contribution to the preservation and succession of traditional art and other cultural inheritances
  6. Promotion of exchanges between sister and friendship cities

Activity Content of Japan Week


1. Performances on stage

Introducing Japan by performances on stage such as traditional local performance, folk performance, concerts of traditional Japanese music, Japanese drums and Western music, choruses, dances, drama, kimono shows, and so on.


2. Exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops

Introducing Japan by exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops introducing paintings, calligraphy, handicrafts, pottery, culture related to costumes, food and housing, the Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and so on.


3. Introduction of Japanese local cultures and Exchanges of sister cities, friendship cities

Introducing Japanese local cultures through the participation of local governments. Organizing exhibitions of traditional handicrafts, paintings, photographs, posters and videotapes introducing their cultures, geographical features and history as well as presentations of traditional local performing arts. Participation of local governments in sister/friendship relations with host cities, deepening mutual understanding by programs for exchanges at grass roots level.


4. Sports programs

Introducing Japan by exhibitions of traditional martial arts such as judo, karate, sumo, kendo and archery. Organizing friendship exchange games of popular sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and so forth.


5. Exchange programs

Developing mutual understanding at school, social welfare facilities and handicapped.


6. Educational programs

Introducing Japan in schools by improving the opportunity of Japan Week. Setting curriculums about Japan and organizing field trips to event venues.